Top 5 Wallpapers of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Today, I decided to make a wallpaper post about the former pound for pound king, Floyd Money Mayweather who just beat Juan Manuel Marquez via decisive unanimous decision, maintaining his perfect record in his comeback from retirement. Pretty boy Floyd shows an exceptional mix of speed, power and great defense every time he enters the ring, a rare skill that has already converted to 40 wins without a loss, 25 knockouts and has won six world boxing championships in 5 different weight classes. Well I hope there will be a Mayweather versus the current pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao. It will be a mega fight. Anyway, I hope all the Pretty Boy’s fans around the world will like this set of Floyd Mayweather wallpapers.

The best floyd mayweather wallpaper

Floyd Mayweather_Champion_by_Richiiee boxing wallpaper

Floyd_Mayweather_by_dominoNJ boxing wallpaper

floyd_mayweather_wallpaper sport


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